Since 2005, Oskar has been speaking to schools and community organizations about his experiences surviving the Holocaust, lessons learned and how the kindness of Upstanders kept him alive. He has spoken to over 500,000 at a combined 500+ elementary schools, junior highs schools, high schools, college campuses, corporations and religious organizations. Even more impressive, when added up, Oskar has given more than 1,500 presentations and is still going strong in 2019 at 93 years old.


His mission is simple, educate people about the Holocaust so we Never Forget and promote being an upstander to yourself and others so a Holocaust Never Happens Again.

Teachers and Community
Book Clubs

Teachers and Community Leaders

For 15 years Oskar has provided a 90 minute presentation to students and the community highlighting his experiences through the Holocaust, the life lessons he has learned and implemented in his own life and how to be an Upstander for yourself and others.
He is now providing a video of his presentation for all to watch which can be found below. After viewing the video in whole or in increments with your group, Oskar would be honored to visit for a question & answer session!
The video and question & answer sessions are FREE. Any donations will be given to help fund the Phoenix Holocaust Center

0:00 - Credits

00:18 - Introduction

1:30 - Life in Pre Nazi Leipzig Germany

14:15 - Rising of Nazism Life in Leipzig, mid 1936 Krakow, Poland

21:40 - Racial Cleansing, Life in Krakow until September 1939

28:15 - World War II, Occupation, Slave Labor, Deportations

46:53 - Life in the Ghetto, Krakow, Germany

1:05:25 - Slave Labor, Working in Sub-Camp Pomorska, Krakow 

1:20:43 - Conclusion

Book Clubs

Oskar has had the pleasure of speaking with Book Clubs about his autobiography depicting his time before, during and after the Holocaust. "A Boy's Story, A Man's Memory - Surviving the Holocaust" can be ordered on Amazon as a hard copy. 
The organizer of the book club will receive one FREE book. Please email Oskar at for more information. 
After finishing his book, Oskar would be honored to visit for a question & answer session in-person or through live video using zoom!
The question & answer session is FREE. Any donations will be given to help fund the Phoenix Holocaust Center

Interview Requests

Oskar would be happy to schedule a time for an interview.  Oskar has been interviewed by students, educators, community leaders, radio stations and news stations regarding his mission to promote becoming an upstander, experiences from his time in the Holocaust and lessons learned that he has adopted into everyday life.
The interview is FREE and any donations will be given to help fund the development of the Phoenix Holocaust Educational Center. 
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