Teachers and Community Leaders

At the age of 94 and after 15 years of speaking since 2005, Oskar will be stepping away from presenting in person.  It has been an honor for Oskar to share his story in the Holocaust, discuss the lessons learned, and promote being an Upstander.
Since 2005 he has spoken to over 500,000 people at a combined 800+ elementary schools, junior highs schools, high schools, college campuses, corporations, and religious organizations. Even more impressive, when added up, Oskar has given more than 2,000 presentations. 
Stepping away was a tough decision, and because of this, Oskar has provided you with his 90-minute presentation. Also included below the video is a list of time frames per topic as a convenience to those who may not watch the presentation all in one sitting.
He hopes all of those who have heard him speak have walked away being Upstander, taking the word "hate" out of their vocabulary, and respecting one another and themselves. This video is his legacy to leave with you as a thank you for your time and commitment in teaching the history of the Holocaust.

0:00 - Credits

00:18 - Introduction

1:30 - Life in Pre Nazi Leipzig, Germany

14:15 - Rising of Nazism Life in Leipzig, mid-1936 Krakow, Poland

21:40 - Racial Cleansing, Life in Krakow until September 1939

28:15 - World War II, Occupation, Slave Labor, Deportations

46:53 - Life in the Ghetto, Krakow, Poland

1:05:25 - Slave Labor, Working in Sub-Camp Pomorska, Krakow 

1:20:43 - Conclusion

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