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Holocaust Education and Remembrance


With the support of family and friends, Oskar set out to tell his story. His detail of events grabs your attention right from the start as he brings you into his world before the war begins. Oskar's ability to recapture surviving the Holocaust as a young boy is like no other.

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A Boy's Story, A Man's Memory - Surviving the Holocaust 1933-1945

Autobiography by Oskar Knoblauch

In this stirring and remarkable true account, I (born in 1925 in Leipzig, Germany) reflect on my childhood and youth while growing up in my native Germany. Thrust into the dark years of Nazi Germany's hatred and brutality of Jews, I write of my family's struggle to survive the Holocaust of World War II (1933 -1945). Character rich, emotionally gripping, and historically relevant, my story tells the chilling and poignant details of those years.  During this time, as I move from boyhood to manhood, I never lose hope and faith not only in myself but in the unlikely people who would make the ultimate difference in this life and death time of my life.

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Siegmund got his nerve up and said, "But coach, my brother and I are German. We were born right here in Leipzig." The coach who was our friend only a week ago replied, "That doesn't matter!" You are Jews and are the enemy of our great country!" 





This story of unimaginable horrors, told with such depth of detail and most surprisingly, with compassion and forgiveness for those who were his tormentors, leaves one in awe.

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Teacher - Irving Elementary

Thank you for writing your book, for sharing your story, and for allowing my daughters to one day know of the courage, strength, character, and hope that you, your family, and millions of others possessed almost 70 years ago and continue to possess even now.                               

Marisa Cox, Business Professional, Mother, and Community Volunteer

Oskar's message woven throughout his book-one of beauty in the face of terror; hope in the face of loss; humanity in the face of depravity-is one that every single reader of any age can learn from and cherish.  Yours is a story none of us will ever forget.                        

Lindsay Taylor, Teacher - Summit Academy

A Boy's Story-A Man's Memory gives a different perspective on the horrors of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.  I find his story of survival, resilience, and resourcefulness amazing!                            

Michael Weltsch, PhD Adult Education

In reading your story, it seemed you were blessed during those horrible times.  The most beautiful thing is you did not allow bitterness to destroy you.  You are an inspiration to my family and me and I am sure many others.  Life has not been easy for you but it is evident you value every day as we all should.

Elaine Henry, Business Project Specialist

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