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Phoenix is one of the only major cities that does not have a Holocaust Educational Center and Museum. With anti-semitic and hate crimes on the rise over the last 5 years in Arizona and the United States, now is the time to build a center to raise awareness and educate the community so that we can help to address these issues.

For more detailed information, visit Culter Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center website

Donation Goals
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Students and Educators
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Community Engagement
Meet Robert Sutz &
Oskar's Life Mask
Featured Exclusive Artist 

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The future Phoenix Holocaust Educational Center will have EXCLUSIVE rights to world renowned artist, Robert Sutz's, Holocaust Art and Life Masks. 

Donation Goals

Help us reach our campaign goal


The purpose and mission of this campaign is to build a center that will be an inclusive and collaborative space to inspire new ideas encourage open dialogue and promote hope, human dignity and respect. Using world, national and local history and the lessons of the Holocaust as the core focus of exhibitions and programming, the center will be a place where people of all back-grounds, faiths and cultures are welcomed, engaged and educated.

- Cutler/Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center Brochure

Our goal is to raise a total of $3.4 million - $5 million to build the Center for Hope, Humanity and Holocaust Education and $1.6 million for endowment funds to support the new museum's programs and facilities.


Students and Educational Resources

A key focus of our new center will be to provide free educational opportunities for students in grades 8-12 throughout Arizona. These opportunities will include field trips to the museum, guided tours with experienced docents, lectures and classes on-site, as well as curricula and other resources for teachers. 

For students/schools that may not have the resources to visit the center, we will use technology to provide access and education. Through the creation of a digital resource library and on-line exhibitions, we will make it easier to interact, educate and communicate with students, teachers and other audiences throughout Arizona and on a national level. - Cutler/Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center Brochure



Robert Sutz

Holocaust Oil Painting and Life Mask World Renowned Artist

Since 2000, as a tribute to his father, whose family was murdered in Nazi concentration camps, Robert Sutz, American Impressionist painter recognized in the U.S. and abroad for his urban scenes, portraits, life masks, and the We Remember Holocaust Memorial Foundation, has focused his array of talents full-time to create life masks of Holocaust survivors and paintings of Holocaust scenes. They are intended as an archive and a way for future generations to connect with the faces of those who survived the atrocities of the past.


The photo on the cover of Oskar's book, "A Boy's Story - A Man's Memory - Surviving the Holocaust," was donated by Robert. 

Also, Robert's work will be exclusively shown at the future Phoenix Holocaust Education Center. Click HERE to learn how you can help!

Oskar's Life Mask

Oskar's Life Mask

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