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Holocaust Education and Remembrance


As a Holocaust survivor, Oskar lived through horrific events and the cruelest bullying. The experiences Oskar went through made him stronger and through his website he shares with you the lessons learned of respect, self love, and being an UPSTANDER as someone who speaks up for those being bullied. Oskar spreads the voice of tolerance through his motivational presentations, autobiography, A Boy's Story, A Man's Memory - Surviving the Holocaust 1933-1945, and humanitarian efforts supporting the future Phoenix Holocaust Education Center to be built. The impact Oskar has made on the community, and particularly the next generation, cannot be overstated. With the help of teachers and community members, his mission is to ensure our youth continue to learn about and never forget the Holocaust while taking action to help build an inclusive, diverse, and beautiful world.



After over 17 years, Oskar is beginning to step away from presenting in person but has provided a video of his 90-minute presentation that includes his time in the Holocaust, the lessons learned, and the importance of being an Upstander. 


The Hope Chest curriculum takes students on an immersive journey through Oskar's harrowing experiences during the Holocaust. Students will use critical thinking skills to engage in Oskar's journey while learning how to support themselves and others.

Teacher with Pupils


Oskar Knoblauch’s story is an emotional and chilling tale of his experiences during the Holocaust. Oskar's ability to communicate his experiences and lessons in such depth touches your heart and will inspire you to live for a better tomorrow. An excerpt of Oskar's book can be found by clicking the link below.


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